burning borders

burning, falling trees
that exist just here and now –
is it then my time?
to move from zero to ten,
to grasp this, our world, anew?

the dream you left behind

trampling through fields of dead roses,
       with a mournful serenade gracing your ears
you hold your head up high, gazing at me
       locks of your brown hair falling to the ground one by one
       tracing our shattered destiny on the maps of time
I didn’t know what I was leaving behind.

the shadows of your fingers entwined in mine,
I still remember
       the words you said to me that day
       the strength of your loving embrace
but you knew, I knew, I had nothing left to give
       and so you walked away without looking back
knowing that I was just waiting to die.

breaking the endless lines with your bare hands,
       to the soundtrack of a selfless hero
you climbed the walls we had built together
       and tore through the eternal night that was nothing but an illusion
              nothing more, nothing less than a single night’s dream
       the dream I could never see
the dream you left behind for me.

Can't Wait Anymore

waiting for you, I take
       time off the ends of my life
       shaving down the rough edges
that for us, translated into being “normal”…
              as I wake
       the moon still gazes in my eyes
       breathing patience for my one true life
but I can’t wait, I say
       I can’t wait anymore
I’ll walk the glass-strewn path that equates to “me”
       if it means being happy
              if it means we can be happy
together someday, today
in a world that will share our love
       a world that will take the look in your eyes
              the pain and sadness of a product that didn’t pass quality control
       and turn it into open hearts
       open hearts and open arms –
for this world I’ve been waiting for, I can’t wait anymore… 
but I’ll wait for you.
once I’m there, I’ll wait for you.