Everything is a Symbol [Crafts]

Hi all,

Here’s a wood ornament I painted and drew yesterday. My dear friend K and I have been doing a lot of crafts like these recently.

Here’s a question: who do you think the two people on the ornament are? It’s completely subjective, like most things. Every person will interpret it differently. As for me, well, who can say? Let’s save that story for another day.

Thanksgiving is approaching. Everyone be safe traveling home.


Sunset Over the Ocean [Painting]

Hi all, just wanted to share my first actual painting. It’s pretty plain, but I was focusing on the colors anyway, and it didn’t come out as terrible as I thought it would be.

I’m definitely not a painter – (at least not yet) – but I had fun learning and trying out new things. You all go out and do the same!

I’ll be back with more writing tomorrow.

Love, KT

Beach Sunsets [Photography]

Hey everyone!

As promised, here’s a set of photos from a recent trip I took to the beach to watch the sunset. This, I believe, was the first time in my life that I actually saw the sun disappear over the horizon. Every other sunset I’ve watched has been blocked by buildings, mountains, or other features. So, this was a new experience for me. I appreciated it a lot, and I’m glad I went.

You all should go watch the sunset now too!

Take care of yourselves.